Dynamic U-arm DR

Product Introduction

Product highlights:lLarge effective imaging field of view: 4 3K 17 "× 17" dynamic flat panel direct high-definitio

Product Features

 Product highlights:

Large effective imaging field of view: 4.3K 17 "× 17" dynamic flat panel direct high-definition imaging, with 17 million pixels, has the largest single imaging effective area and the highest pixel in the industry;

Advantages of whole-body stitching function: With whole-body stitching function, it is easy to operate, and can be used for photographing in the upright position;

Independent research and development of core components: core components digital detector, digital high voltage, digital image workstation independent research and development, to ensure the matching of the whole machine;

Humanized workstation: All-Chinese interface, providing continuous free software upgrade, concise and lively operation process;

Multiple clinical applications: 0-90 rotation, applicable to photography of all parts of the body.



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