1.5T MRI

Kangda Colorful Model: Farol 1.5T

Product Introduction

Producthighlightsl1 5T superconducting magnet technology: using "ZeroBoil-off "superconducting magnet technology;lFine sh

Product Features

Product highlights

1.5T superconducting magnet technology: using "Zero Boil-off " superconducting magnet technology;

Fine shimming system: Adopting a fine shimming system to maximize theeffectiveness of the magnet;

16 channel fiber optic RF signal digital transmission technology: Advancedfiber optic RF signal digital transmission technology is sampled to eliminatesignal loss and distortion caused by MR signals during transmission;

CS compression perception acceleration function: greatly improvesscanning speed while ensuring image quality;

High performance gradient system: Adopting a high-performance gradient system with a maximum intensity of 35mT/m, extremely low vortex flow ensures image clarity;

Artificial Intelligence Scanning Assisted Diagnosis Technology;


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